Why You Should Insulate Your Ceiling


Proper insulation in a building not only makes it comfortable but also helps in improving the energy performance. One of the building insulation options is the ceiling insulation.  There are different types of ceiling insulation options one can choose from, with the main categories being aerolite and isotherm reflective and bulk roof insulation. Some often combine these two to get even a better insulating effect. Regardless, ceiling insulations have quite a number of advantages. Here are some reasons why you should insulate your ceiling.

To improve comfort of your home

During summer time the temperatures in the house can be unbearable. Likewise during the winter the cold is biting. Such extreme temperatures are can be uncomfortable especially if you lack the necessary or cooling equipment. By installing say an aerolite ceiling insulation you can reduce temperatures in your home in summer by reducing the heat flow from your roof into your home through the ceiling. During the winter it will also help keep your house warm by retaining the warmth in and not allowing it flow through the ceiling. Your house therefore remains comfortable throughout the year regardless of the conditions outside. There are johannesburg ceiling insulation experts who can install the right insulation system that you need.

To cut down costs

To maintain the right conditions of in your home, you may have installed heating and cooling systems (HVAC) that requires electricity to run. The cost of running such systems is high especially where there is low energy-efficiency. By insulating the ceiling and sealing all the avenues the cooled or warmed air escapes through you get to increase the efficiency of the system. The frequency of having the HVAC systems on will also be reduced. In the end it reduces your heating and cooling bills.

It reduces noise levels

We all treasure acoustic comfort in our homes. That is one benefit you can get by insulating your ceiling with the right material. You will no longer have to with the annoying sounds of traffic or heavy winds that flow through your roof area. Apart from comfort a house with good acoustic properties also has a higher value.

Safeguard against fires

When a fire breaks out in a house, the roof is among the first regions it first spreads on to. Once there it becomes almost impossible to put out because of the typical materials the ceilings and roofs are made of. Through ceiling insulation you can at least minimize this. Some insulation materials used in ceiling insulation are not combustible and will not burn. They play a pivotal role in stopping the spread of house fires. These are the same materials that aerolite uses.