What You Need To Know About Ceiling Insulation Materials And Services


Loosing heat without insulation

A room with poor ceiling insulation may lose up to forty five percent of heat, and have less heat resistance in warm seasons. This results to consumption of high amount of energy in regulating indoor temperature thus higher energy bills. The higher amounts of energy bills will certainly outweigh the money and time you will need to purchase and get roof insulation installers to install it for you. Although most ceilings have some insulation, they may not be cost effective to keep your monthly energy bill low. It is crucial to know different varieties of ceiling insulation to ensure you pick the right one for your building.

 Using loose fill insulation

Loose fill is one option, which is quite easy to install since you only need to pour or blow into place. You need to cover and protect all fixtures and fittings like vents, fans and recessed lightnings before you install loose fill. You require approximately two hundred litters to cover a square meter to a depth of two hundred millimeters. Always ensure the spaces between joists are dust free and there is sufficient depth to accommodate the loose fill insulation material. This is a great option if you wish to top-up your insulation or for awkward or hard to reach areas.

 Using wool batt in your attic

From sheep wool, we have wool home insulation, which is bound together with glue. They are the most suitable for timber frame structures as it nearly moves along the rafters. Wool Batt insulation can also be useful where there are no recessed rafters or fixtures. Since it is a natural insulator, it is highly effective thus, a good option for most homes and offices.

 Polyester thermal insulation

You may also go for green ceiling insulation made from polyester thermal insulation. The greatest advantage of Green insulation is that you can use it internally and externally for ceilings, floors and walls. It usually comes in pre-cut pieces, which can fit into standard timer frame ceiling and walls before you thermally bind them in shape.

The benefits of utilizing green batt is that it is eco-friendly, self-supporting, durable, allergy free and safe. Just make sure you are not choosing a cheap polyester insulation product like think green. Additionally, you can go beyond the regular insulation material and purchase acoustic insulation, which reduces both heat and noise transmission.

Regardless of the insulation materials you prefer, ensure your ceiling can support its weight. If you are not sure, you may hire the service of professional aerolite  installers who will offer quality services at reasonable charges. With their service, you will have peace of mind and enjoy all benefits that comes with improved ceiling insulation.